Covid-19: Australia to ease 18-Month International border curbs from November

Since March 2020, Australia has imposed strict and stringent Covid measures like border close- where no one was allowed to enter or leave the country unnecessarily in accordance with the Covid pandemic. PM Scott Morrison said the country is now planning to open the borders for citizens and permanent residents after an 18-month ban on traveling due to Covid.

“Easing one of the strict Covid-19 restrictions imposed globally enables Australian people back to their normal life, People would be eligible to travel when their state’s vaccination rate hit 80%,” said Scott Morrison.

The first phase of the plan will focus on citizens and permanent residents in Australia. The residents will be allowed to leave Australia as was done earlier but presently travel would not immediately open to foreigners. However, the government is working to bring back the tourists into the country soon.

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Since 2020 March, only a limited number of people have been granted a permit to leave the country for critical business or humanitarian reasons. The country has seen a complete lockdown late then. The residents were also allowed entry with some exceptions. Moreover, PM said Australia’s mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine which costs A$3,000 for each traveler, would be phased out. It is reported that the quarantine period may vary for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. At present, Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra are in lockdown due to outbreaks of the virus. After securing 80 percent of the vaccination rate, the country’s border will be fully open, which is expected by the end of next month. Morrison also said that his government was working towards quarantine free travel with countries such as New Zealand when “safe to do so”.