Kerala boy Ivan, the youngest inventor in Expo 2020 Dubai; Exhibits “Smart footwear sensor”

Kerala boy Ivan Dennis Koshy is one of the youngest participants in Expo 2020 Dubai with an attractive innovation. As Expo 2020 Dubai kick-started on September 30, Ivan was waiting for his turn to begin. The little one is excited to present his invention as it is a rare opportunity that very few people in life get it.

The Malayalee student in Dubai, Ivan Denny is a sixth-grader at Dubai Indian High School, waits for the show of his latest invention, which has been selected for Expo 2020 Dubai. Ivan exhibits the “smart footwear sensor” on the ground floor of Terra’s, The Stainability Pavilion in the Student Innovation category.  

This project, which is beneficial for the blind and others, can be fitted with an electronic circuit inside their shoe to find out where the user is. It also has the feature of being reported even if someone escapes and falls.  Mobile phones and radios can be connected to the e-circuit using electromagnetic waves.  

Ivan first introduced his invention in a competition for students at the UAE level in 2019 where the boy was a fourth-grader at the time. More than 5,000 students from more than 1,200 schools participated in the school-level competition, and Ivan won the competition, which took Ivan to do finishing touches on the project.  Then it was then selected for Expo 2020. The technical team of Expo 2020 created the original 3D model and it will be displayed at the event.

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Ivan Dennis Koshy, is the son of Dennis Koshy, an engineer at a private company in Dubai, and Liza Rajan, a housewife, and an engineer. The family has already been received the invitation to attend the Expo 2020 Dubai.