Uk Petrol shortage; A peep into the on-going fuel crisis in the country

The United Kingdom is now in the news that the country is facing severe fuel shortages despite the excuses from the authorities. British Petroleum says a third of its pumps have run dry of popular grades. According to reports, the problem is aggravated by the truck drivers delivering fuel rather than petrol shortages. With this, the petrol shortage in Britain became acute and there occurred an emptiness of petrol pumps in the country. 

It was also reported that there is a shortage of some 1,00,000 drivers across the UK. Three weeks ago, the Confederation of British Industry warned that the UK should relax its new rules and make it easier for European drivers to work on British roads to address supply shortages.

The UK, the world’s fifth-largest economy, is reported to have shut down 90 percent of its pumps due to the unavailability of various grades of petrol and diesel. Along with that, supermarkets, too, are being affected and energy bills are soaring. Earlier, the demand for fuel has stabilized throughout the week, and stations were gradually stocking up again, but some parts of the country still face severe shortages.

As per reports, the gas stations that usually sell between 20,000 and 30,000 litres of fuel per day are now witnessing sales above 1,00,000 litres. Panic-stricken purchases at several UK petrol pumps have even led to dirty fights. Meanwhile, the government has announced that it will seek the services of the military to supply fuel across the country. As a result, the British army would begin delivering petrol to fuel stations in the coming weeks and the move would help the country to get relief from the ongoing crisis, said the officials.

The crisis was continuing amid the Coronavirus restrictions and the British Medical Association (BMA) has called for health workers to get priority access to fuel as they have to ensure that the health system does not collapse. It was not the fuel problem but was really the labor shortage that paved the way for the crisis in the country. The crisis also happened when people began to stockpile more petrol, fearing that the shortage of petrol would worsen as petrol did not reach the pumps.

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One of the biggest reasons behind the UK’s fuel tank drivers shortage is the pandemic which is followed by the country’s exit from the European Union or Brexit. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told news agency Reuters that a limited number of military tanker drivers had been put on standby and will be deployed to deliver fuel if necessary. “Thanks to the immense efforts of the industry over the past week, we are looking forward to having continued signs that the situation at the pumps is slowly improving,” said business minister Kwasi Kwarteng.