Air India plane gets stuck under a bridge in Delhi; footage goes massively viral

Video footage of Air India aircraft has gone viral on the internet which shows the plane gets stuck underfoot overbridge near Delhi airport. The wingless plane got stuck on the Delhi-Gurugram highway when it was reportedly being transported under a bridge.

The video is now viral on the internet then shared by many and also made passersby and netizens amused alike. However, the airlines informed that it was not a mishap that caused the stuck. Air India spokesperson confirmed the scrapped aircraft was deregistered and has been sold off. 

In the video, it is clear that vehicles can be seen passing on one side of the highway whereas the other side appears to be largely blocked by the plane. 

In the video, the front of the aircraft and half of its body can be seen crossing underneath the bridge while the other half is seen stuck. 

After the video was shared on social media, many were perplexed and raising their doubts on how the plane reached under the bridge. Following this, the airline came up with an explanation. 

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“This was transported last night by the party. Air India has got no connection whatsoever with the aircraft under any circumstances,” the statement on Twitter read. Many have also commented under the Twitter post saying” some film or show has to use this visual..”, another comment read” my life stuck like this..”.

A similar case had happened in 2019 in  West Bengal’s Durgapur. At that time, a truck carrying an abandoned India Post aircraft got stuck under a bridge.