Flubot Malware again a threat to Android phones; Here’s what to do to avoid falling into the trap

Flubot malware, which occurred in early 2021 is now back and infecting Android user’s phones around the world. The cybersecurity firm Trent Micro was the first to warn about the malware recently. The users are receiving messages from cybercriminals saying that their phone has been infected with the dangerous malware or suffered a data breach. The malware would be reaching the user’s phone in the form of messages and the Newzealand based company CERT NZ along with Trent Micro has come up with the warning.

Flubot Malware

It is an Android malware that steals passwords, bank details, and other sensitive information from infected smartphones. Flubot also exploits permissions on the device to spread itself to other victims, allowing the infection chain to continue.

Flubot first hit Europe earlier this year before Australians began being spammed with it this month. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission told Guardian Australia that since the first report on 4 August, its Scamwatch service has received over 3,700 reports of this particular scam.

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The presence of such malware will never be known to the phone user. At the same time sometimes this malware may fail to completely take over your phone. This time the Android update message popped up against the malware. Trent Micro says that the malware can completely control the user’s phone by simply directing the users through the messages. The New Zealand government’s cybersecurity agency has said that if there is a suspicion that the phone has been infected, the data must be backed up and the phone factory should be reset, according to the CERT New Zealand alert message.