James Bond movie ‘No time to Die’ scores the box office collection worldwide; Movie fans rapturous as Kerala expects the release on October 27

As per reports, the theaters in Kerala are eagerly waiting to invite the James Bond new movie on October 27 when the screens are ready to open for the public on October 25.

Theatre owners are in hope that James Bond 007 would come to the rescue in the same way the movie brought luck to the world movie.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Studio has decided to release the Bond movie in Kerala on the 27th when the theater owners open the theater on the 25th. The new James Bond film “No Time to Die” is the one which came out after a gap of 6 years, is the last movie of Daniel Craig and it is the 25th in the series.

Daniel Craig’s long-awaited film swan song as 007, will allegedly be the longest Bond film ever made. According to IndieWire, Craig’s fifth and last outing as Bond lasts 163 minutes. The movie had already opened worldwide days before. The movie dominated the U.K. and Ireland box office with an opening weekend collection of £25.9 million ($35.3 million), according to numbers from Comscore. 

The film released in several markets including UK, Ireland, India, Brazil, Germany, South Korea is set to release in more countries over the next couple of weeks in the US, Canada, Australia as well as China.

The film, which was released earlier received a gross of Rs 892 crore worldwide and be released on October 29th in China, the biggest film market in the world. There are reports that the movie has been sold for its streaming in OTT at Rs 4400 crore. Currently, the movie has been received huge applause and impressive reviews worldwide. The movie was released at a time when the entry of the audience is restricted to 50 percent of the capacity of theaters worldwide. The production cost of the movie was Rs.1858 crore and about Rs.740 crore was spent on the film’s advertisement. 

When it comes to Kerala, the theaters are hoping that the movie would definitely be the best to during the reopening of theaters after a pause due to the Covid pandemic making it an attractive proposition, especially, for the young viewers. But there lacks clarity on the release of the movie in theaters and the Kerala Film Producers’ Association president M Ranjith said a meeting of film producers would be convened.

The movie so far acquired 110 crores in Germany, 43 11 crores in Japan, 46 83 crores in the Gulf region, 34.19 crores in Korea, 222 crores in the UK, and 14.86 crores in India in just 4 days.  This is a huge success with only 50% of the audience. Meanwhile, the theater owners hope that James Bond would be able to bring audiences to the Kerala theater naturally with a bond on at least 150 screens in Kerala.