Selfie accidents are on the rise again around the world: Report

Even amid the pandemic, the number of deaths due to selfies is rising dramatically across the world. Reports from sources say that the number of selfie death was 7 in 2020 whereas it is 24 now, because of the search of adventure activities to get a perfect selfie. Moreover, injuries were also reported which counts over 1000 in number. There was a rise in the number of deaths during 2014 and 2016 but the Covid surge in 2020 lowered the number. In 2021, the studies from different parts of the world revealed the exact number again.

According to data collected by the UK, falls are the most common cause and responsible for a third of the deaths of selfie-takers, especially among men. 

The most likely cause of death was falling from a great height, with people going to extreme lengths to take a selfie on cliffs or the top of buildings to impress followers on social media.

In India, the selfie deaths are mainly during travel in train, posing on or next to train tracks with their best friend is regarded as romantic and a sign of never-ending friendship. As per the research, India has recorded the highest number of deaths with 184 casualties, followed by the United States with 25 cases, and Russia in third place with 19 deaths.

Aiming to conduct unique content on social media, especially by the tourists, they propose different poses and this would cause them to change the situation worse. Experts warn that with the growing influence of social media platforms, the number of selfie death is rising now and the problem should have to be taken into consideration.

To restrain the number of deaths, a team of researchers earlier planned to develop an app that would warn thrill-seeking selfie-takers when their hunt for the ultimate photo is putting their life in danger. 

If we take the case of each selfie death, we have it in a vast number. Instagram users such as Drewssik built a large following online with photos taken on top of tall structures. However, he died in 2015 after falling from a building. In October 2016, a 12-year-old Russian girl, known as Oksana B died after climbing onto the railings of a balcony to take a selfie.

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There is no other easy option than taking care of themselves during these journeys, trips, etc, and getting an alert in one’s mind should be given prime importance. Avoiding such unnecessary risky poses would definitely help to lower the number of selfie deaths in the world.