Better results come with better time… Experts say about the best time of the day to exercise

It may be hard to find a specific time to do exercises to keep ourselves fit because of our busy schedules. Although many are lazy to reach out to the gym and other workout places in a regular manner, some of the people find their time to look into the matter. Scientists now suggest everyone who hates setting their alarm an hour earlier to hit the gym. 

A study published earlier says that afternoon workouts lead to better results for some people. In the study, men who are at risk for or diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes were considered. It was found that participants who exercised in the afternoon experienced positive effects and they have been found to have more metabolic benefits than those who exercised in the morning.

Researchers say that they don’t know the exact reason why afternoon training shows better results than morning exercises. However, as per calculation, the reason might be due to a combination of factors in daily life and can speculate based on what is known about human physiology and biological timing. 

Scientists say that metabolism works during our workouts and it may vary depending upon the time. Besides, the body burns fats and carbohydrates at specific times and the study found that for the participants at risk of obesity or type 2 diabetes, these fat-burning processes were more optimal during the afternoon hours. 

As per the study, higher body temperatures in the afternoon can also improve muscle performance. Patrick Schlauen, a professor of the metabolic aspects of type 2 diabetes at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, said that avoiding snacks in the afternoon and eating late at night has a significant impact on a person’s weight and overall health. Other studies show that people who eat late tend to burn more total calories than those who eat early in the day.

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Moreover, for some people, getting enough exercise is more important than exercising at right time.  Many people often skip their dinner or often give the least importance to their sleep as well. On taking account of these, the experts cautioned against sacrificing sleep in order to work out early saying that sleep hours should be given more importance than spending time for exercises. Experts further say that exercise can lead to better quality sleep, and exercising in the afternoon or evening doesn’t compromise sleep schedules as long as it’s at least 90 minutes before bed.