First time in country’s history, Indian Railways transports chocolates in AC coaches; Goods reached Delhi from Goa

Freight is the main source of revenue for Indian Railways, but the chocolate was a product that had never been put on a train before. This was the first time in history that an AC coach had operated a railway service with chocolate and implemented it with the aim of increasing revenue. 

Hubli Division of South Western Railway used their AC coach to transport the goods, which included food items in addition to chocolate.  The decision was taken noting that some AC coaches were lying vacant in this railway division, which has been used for carrying chocolates and other food items. The temperature level has to be controlled in the transportation of chocolates and other goods, so these goods were transported in AC coaches.

On October 8, 163 tonnes of products were shipped by AC coach from Vasco da Gama station in Goa to Okhla in Delhi. The products were delivered to 18 AC coaches and the goods belonged to AVG Logistics. The train covered a distance of 2115 km from Goa to Okhla, Delhi where Railways has earned Rs 12.83 lakh from this transportation.

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The new concept was developed by the Hubby Division’s Business Development Unit.  Hubballi Divisional Railway Manager, Arvind Malkhede said that the Railway is proactively reaching out to customers to utilize Rail Services which are faster, smoother, and cost-effective services. Hubli Division’s monthly freight revenue from October 2020 was Rs. 1 crore whereas it recorded 1.58 crore in September.