Little girl gets surprised to see her father in a pilot’s uniform on the flight; The reaction video goes viral

Videos that go viral over the Internet always have a reason behind them. Some of them might be weird ones and some of the others might hold the attention of people on the internet. A video of a girl’s reaction after seeing her father as a cabin crew member is now trending on the internet. The little girl got excited after seeing her pilot father on the same flight. The small girl, Shanaya Motihar boarded on a GoAir flight to Delhi, and her adorable video is now winning the hearts of many on the Internet. 

The video, which was shared on Shanaya’s Instagram page, has been captured by Shanaya’s mother and the video was posted there on the girls’ Instagram page. In the video, the little girl can be seen sitting in a flight seat, and then she sees her father dressed as a pilot on the same plane.

The girl is seen calling out “papa” to her father, who stands at the cockpit doorway. It was also seen that her father smiles and waves back at her while other passengers board the flight. It was Shanaya’s mother who posted the video on Shanaya’s Instagram post and the caption read “ My first flight with papa… He flew me to Delhi. I was very excited to see him… it was my best flight till now. Love you, Papa.” 

The video has received over 1.4 lakh likes and has been viewed over 1.2 million times on Instagram since being posted last week. Netizens commented on her reaction as cute and adorable on Instagram. Some of the comments under the video read, “ proud daughter”,  I am watching this on loop! The excitement and smile on her face (sic)”,” This is gold,” etc.