The happiest Pavilion in the world…Finland Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai highlights the country’s deep connection with nature

The Scandinavian country, Finland, is famous for being the Happiest Country in the World. The country’s pavilion is now attracting the viewers of Expo 2020 with its astonishing building, design, and innovation. The pavilion showcases the country’s deep connection with nature and sustainability, contributing to its high quality of life.

The Finnish pavilion, which ranks first for the fourth time in a row in the world, looks like an Arab tent made of snow. The ideas of the pavilion are articulated in five design elements: ‘cool breeze’, ‘first snow’, ‘wooden heart’, ‘frozen art’, and ‘fresh water’. Located in the Mobility district, the Finnish Pavillion embraces the concept of sustainability. 

Lumi – snow in Finnish, is designed like a falling hill and the funnel-like part that is open to the sky inside is so beautiful which is the center of attraction for the Viewers in the Expo. Here, the part is a place where you can relax and be free from all the outside noise and feels like the serenity at the hill slopes of Finland.  

Everything in the pearly white pavilion is technical but the pavilion explains how technology is best used to keep the air, water, and environment clean.  Thereby spreading the joy of nature conservation through this.  The high-quality education system, the solution to local environmental problems through technological excellence,  Sustainable development, and progress through corruption-free governance and nature conservation is what sets Finland apart from other countries.

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The pavilion puts in place five main elements, that come together to create a whole: lake, stone, gorge, snow cape, and sail. Moreover, the pavilion is distinguished by a number of views, including a century-old Christmas card written by children for Santa Claus, the world’s oldest and hardest rock, and Nokia, the first familiar name in the mobile phone industry. Meanwhile, Expo 2020 Dubai has witnessed an amazing start and welcomed 411,768 ticketed visits in just the first 10 days. The expo began on October 1 and a record number of visitors from 175 countries had already visited the mega global event. The event is scheduled to close on March 31, 2022.