Forgetting the illness, Brazilian toddler sings his favourite song in hospital; The viral Video wins heart with the boy’s positive spirit

Getting admitted to a hospital might not create be a cool or relaxing atmosphere for many people especially if they are suffering from a severe disease. Be it an adult or kid, the situation remains the same with tension, anxiety, and consciousness about their ailments. However, a video of a young boy has gone viral as held his own musical concert while he was admitted to a hospital. 

The boy, identified as Miguel can be seen singing his favorite song heartily and with rare excitement. This boy who finds happiness by forgetting his illness in the midst of hospital difficulties is making everyone happy. When his favorite song came on TV, he could not lay back there in his bed. In the video, it can be seen that this little boy took a spoon in his hand and converted it as a mic, and sang along with the song.

According to reports, Miguel was admitted to the hospital for gastroenteritis. Even though he was undergoing treatment and was getting attention from nurses and medicines, Miguel kept his spirits high. The boy is truly an inspiration to every people who get exhausted with their hospital life and the boy also made people realize that good music heals everything. 

“The children are innocent, that’s why Miguel forgets everything about his illness and steps into his favorite song,” comments under the viral video read. Singer-songwriter Pericles shared the video of Miguel having a lively jam session on his Twitter handle. “Even in difficult times in the hospital, little boy sings & dances!. Miguel was hospitalized with gastroenteritis last week but that didn’t keep him from singing & dancing when his favorite song came on the TV. Now back at home doing great”, Pericles tweeted.

Since being posted online, Miguel’s singing video has received over 90,000 views and 3,000 likes on Twitter. Several comments followed the video. Many people, including celebrities, have shared the video.