Indian American Ravi Chaudhary nominated by Biden to key Pentagon post

A former Air Force officer, Indian American Ravi Chaudhary will soon take charge in a  key position in the pentagon, announced US president Joe Biden. Biden said that he is planning to nominate Chaudhary to the key position in the pentagon. Mr. Chaudhary has been nominated for the position of assistant secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Energy, and the Environment. However, he needs to be confirmed by the United States Senate before he can be sworn in the position.

Mr. Chaudhary’s bio has been released by the White House and according to the bio, Mr. Chaudhary previously served as a senior executive at the US Department of Transportation. There his duty was the director of Advanced Programs and Innovation, Office of Commercial Space, at the Federal Aviation Administration. He also served as the executive director, Regions and Centre Operations.

It was Chaudhary’s responsibility for the execution of advanced development and research programs in support of the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation mission at his respective department. As per the White House report, from 1993 to 2015 in the US Air Force, he completed a variety of operational, engineering, and senior staff assignments in the Air Force.

He was also a C-17 pilot where he conducted global flight operations, including Afghanistan and Iraq missions. Along with this, he was also responsible for flight certification of military avionics and hardware for Air Force modernization programs supporting flight safety and mishap prevention.

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Moreover, Mr. Chaudhary supported NASA’s International Space Station protection activities to ensure the safety of NASA Astronauts as a systems engineer.