Expo 2020 Dubai; Indian pavilion exhibits an innovative machine that produces water from humidity in the air

At expo 2020 Dubai, the Indian pavilion has extraordinary technology to receive the attention of viewers in the event. In the pavilion, Indian startup AirOWater has been showcasing its water vending machines that produce drinking water from humidity in the air.

The technology which was manufactured by AirOWater startup company exhibited their technology at the India Pavilion’s Innovation Hub which is a platform for entrepreneurs and startups to showcase their capabilities. Launching the technology of producing water from the atmosphere at Expo 2020 at the time of water scarcity in the world is encouraged by many Emirati as well as visitors in the expo.

Rahul Mathur, CEO of International Operations at AirOwater, said “Iam humbled by the response he got from thousands of visitors to Indian Pavilion and by seeing happy faces after serving them free water during the exhibition”. He also added that the technology aims to provide water through its high-efficient, cost-effective AWG machines low-cost water and to take this to some of the most challenging parts of the world.

Air-to-Water Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) vending machines are cost-effective, energy-efficient, environment-friendly. It is believed that the innovation can drastically reduce dependence on plastic bottles while at the same time contribute to fighting the global water crisis.

Working Procedure

AirOwate is a temperature-driven machine that creates water from humidity in the air using a proprietary process. Condensation technology is used to convert a large quantity of water vapor in the air into drinkable water.

Humidity in the air is used by AirOwater to create pure drinking water through an air-water patented 4-stage filtration process. The machine’s optimum performance normally requires a 60-70% humidity level. AirOwater is designed to produce sufficient amounts of water in tough humid conditions. It also performs well in an air-conditioned environment, acting as an effective dehumidifier.

A 4-step filtration process will be done to purify the air that includes an anti-static air filter, a water-dust filter, a pre-carbon filter, a sediment filter, ozone filter, a UF membrane, and a TCR filter.

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Once the water is retrieved from the environment through the air and micro dust from the filter, it is passed through a water filter to remove pungent smells, physical impurities, and color. After the process, a TCR filter, made of activated carbon filter made by mixing coconut shell with silver paste, designed to kill bacteria, remove odors from purified water to enhancing the taste of the final product. This will further be used to set it apart from the water produced by other water filters available in the market.