Everything will no longer be a secret…Facebook developing new AI system that can see, hear, remember whatever you do

Discussions are being conducted by techies and it is about a new AI system that can copy everything you see and hear from your point of view. Facebook is processing a new artificial intelligence-based system that can analyze your lives using first-person videos. The AI systems can be used for recording what you see, do, and hear in order to help you with daily tasks.

It will be used to constantly analyze people’s lives with its equipped cameras and an audio recording system and also the device can record users’ actions. Facebook’s researchers have outlined a series of skills it wants these systems to develop, including “episodic memory” and “audio-visual diarization.” Episodic memory means answering questions like where did I leave my keys and audio-visual diarization means remembering who said what when.

Facebook AI research scientist Kristen Grauman said” As of now any AI system cannot achieve the tasks mentioned above and Facebook stresses that this is a research project rather than a commercial development.”  Grauman again added that it is intended to be part of future augmented reality computing. However, there are also arguments that this is intended to be part of future augmented reality computing.

Meanwhile, The Verge observes that such a plan could be a major invasion of privacy and experts are worried about how Facebook’s AR glasses allow wearers to covertly record members of the public. Such concerns will only rise if future versions of the hardware do not record footage, but analyze and transcribe it, turning wearers into walking surveillance machines.

Facebook AI announced ‘Ego4D’ for this project which is a long-term project aimed at solving research challenges in ‘egocentric perception’. It consists of two major components: an open dataset of egocentric video and a series of benchmarks that Facebook thinks AI systems should be able to manage in the future.

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Ego4D’s five benchmarks are episodic memory, forecasting, hand and object manipulation, audio-visual ‘diarization’, and social interaction. The dataset is the biggest of its kind ever created, and Facebook partnered with 13 universities around the world to collect the data. The data sets will be publicly available in November this year for researchers who sign Ego4D’s data use agreement.