Hair Loss, a big concern; Include these foods in your diet to combat the issue

Hair fall is one of the common nightmares of many people but the cause and the reason for it might not be known to many. Having a bad diet or nutritional chart is one of the reasons for hair loss nowadays. 

Apart from that, the main culprit that is likely to affect the loss of hair is dandruff. Uncleanness of the scalp is the root cause of dandruff and taking care of this can help reduce the problem to some extent.

Internal care is more important than taking a look at the external part. You may often suffer from hair-related issues even after following a proper hair care regimen, and that is because of the improper intake of nutritional foods. When the amount of iron and protein in the diet is low, hair growth begins to stagnate and gradually hair loss begins. 

So here are some foods that should be included in the diet to prevent hair loss:

  1. Eggs and Dairy Products: Eggs and dairy products are great foods for hair growth and thickness. Milk, yogurt, and eggs contain essential nutrients such as proteins, Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and Omega 6 fatty acids. Dairy products are also a great source of biotin (Vitamin B7) that is known to fight hair loss.
  1. Leafy vegetables: Leafy green vegetables contain a lot of nutrients. It is also an excellent source of iron and vitamins for hair. They contain sebum which is the reason for healthy hair.
  1. Guava: Vitamin C prevents your hair from becoming brittle and fragile and guavas contain more Vitamin C than oranges. Also, the leaves of the fruit contain vitamin B and C, which help boost the collagen activity required for hair growth.
  1. Carrot: Carrots contain vitamin A. It improves the overall health of the hair and makes it thicker and stronger. Additionally, the nutrients contained in carrots improve our blood circulation and thus promote hair growth.
  1. Barley: Barley is loaded with Vitamin E which helps in treating hair thinning. Barley is also rich in iron and copper that help in the production of red blood cells and make your hair follicles stronger.
  1. Fish: Omega 3 fatty acids are equally important for hair. They are found in fatty fish such as salmon. They can increase the density of the hair. They contain protein and other essential vitamins.

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Taking care of these food habits may contribute a change to your frizzy and split-end hair too. Meanwhile, along with a poor diet, pollution and regular use of chemical products may also damage your hair.