Mumbai Police uses Squid Game’s ‘Red light, green light’ video to promote road safety

Mumbai city has been one of the best cities that spread awareness in different areas such as traffic rules, road safety, environment protection, etc. The city has presented another important awareness campaign to promote the road and traffic rules with the help of the Netflix smash hit ‘Squid game’ video.

A scene from the show in which contestants play the childhood game “Red Light, Green Light” is posted by the Mumbai police on the Instagram page. “You are the ‘frontman’ of your ‘game’ on the road: you can save yourself from getting eliminated. Stop at red lights,” Mumbai Police wrote while sharing the video.

Mumbai police want to clearly send the message to the public about the traffic rules and road safety to ensure during the drives. Here, in the first game, a giant doll calls out “red light, green light” to contestants – players who move after the red light is called out are shot.

Mumbai police posted the video of the scene from the squid game and instead of showing the robotic doll shooting at the contestants after “red light” is called, they split up in a video showing two cars crashing into each other.

The Red Light, Green Light game is very much popular on social media and fans are also using the Instagram filter to play the game themselves.

The post went viral on Instagram and around 111,000 views and numerous comments have been received about the show’s efficient use. Also, People have shared varied comments. “Give this admin an award”, “Always topical”, Such updated Mumbai Police. So proud !!!!”, comments under the post read.

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series streaming on Netflix that is written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series revolves around a contest in which 456 players, all drawn from different walks of life but each in debt, play a series of children’s games with deadly penalties if they lose for the chance to win a prize. The series, distributed by Netflix, was released worldwide on September 17, 2021.

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Watched by 111 million users in its first 28 days, the drama has become Netflix’s biggest ever series launch. Moreover, Mumbai Police have earlier shared posts with references from the popular American sitcom, Friends, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, and a host of Indian films and TV shows to share messages on traffic safety, masking up against Covid-19 and vaccinations.