Saudi Arabia set to launch the country’s vast oil themed ‘extreme park’

Saudi Arabia soon will launch an enormous and vast oil theme ‘extreme park’ that attracts tourists across the world to it. The petroleum industry of the country is an inspiration for a brand new tourist attraction and the country is trying to redevelop an oil rig in the Arabian Gulf into an oil-themed ‘extreme park’.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is transforming the oil rig into a 150,000 square meter park and it will be comprised of three hotels and 11 restaurants spread over a number of connected platforms. The country is also planning to include roller coaster rides and adrenaline-rush activities like bungee jumping and skydiving into the park which promotes tourism in the country.

PIF posted a video of the complete tourist attractive oil rig on Twitter and has been receiving huge applause worldwide. “This project is a unique tourism attraction, expected to attract tourists from around the world,” said a statement from the PIF. It said it was expected to be particularly popular with visitors from the Arabian Gulf region.

The project also contributes to the country’s economy and through the long-term project, Saudi Arabia can diversify its economy away from oil and into other areas. However, the country has been one of the most resource-rich nations in the world, but global efforts to go green threaten to turn Saudi Arabia into a country sitting on vast reserves of priceless land.

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Meanwhile, millions of religious visitors make the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca every year. Here, the country’s conservative laws governing women’s freedom and its disturbing human rights history have made it a less favorable destination for many international visitors. The site is being constructed as part of a new city situated outside the capital city Riyadh. Also, it will be home to the world’s fastest roller coaster when it launches in 2023.