Korea pavilion highlights its digital technology and culture ‘smart’ in Expo 2020 Dubai

As far as concerned by South Korea, there is no escape without being ‘smart’ to own a beautiful and comfortable world. Korea, known for its most up-to-date digital technology, showcases the culture also with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The Korea Pavilion uses AI to exhibit its culture and technology to viewers.

Along with learning, agriculture, transportation, and space projects, the Korean movement has made the culture and arts also ‘smarter’. The Korea Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai capitalizes on technology to offer visitors glimpses into its traditional and pop culture. The ingenuity and robotics gave the world boundless hope to invent and operate easily and all it seeks is the updated versions, not outdated ones.

Korea Pavilion delegates say they must first realize that today’s technology will become an outdated one obsolete tomorrow.  Since no technology is permanent, every day it becomes unsustainable without developing new technologies. The world has realized that the challenges posed by new diseases and climate challenges are terrible. So it has become a necessity to invent and make everything smart in the world.

The Korea Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai is the fifth-largest among the exhibition spaces of the participating nations. The pavilion was designed to optimize a wide range of hands-on experiences related to Korea through architecture, performances, exhibitions, and concerts, among others.

The moon hoon design unveils its Korea pavilion at expo 2020 Dubai to exhibit the concept of mobility in contemporary and future terms. The spinning cubes rising into vision become expressions of the Korean mobility and energy of its people. the facade comprises 1,597 of these cubes, representing abstract patterning.

It was designed by Mooyuki Architects, a three-member team named after Moon Hoon, Yun Seong-bong, and Kim Dong-Gyu, and built by Ssangyong Engine and Construction. 

The spinning cubes that cover the facade, demonstrate Korea’s dynamism and mobility. “Mobile MASSITY,” is the banner and the word is intended to mean “mobile, mass and city” all at once.

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The vertical Cinema inside the cube is a virtual trip unfolded on a huge screen enabling visitors to experience Korea’s smart mobility systems and K-pop music. 

The pavilion hosts 1,800 performances throughout the expo under the title, “Massive Vibe.” The culture is highlighted here with AI where one dupe will be there to guide each viewer. Visitors can ‘create a digital twin’ on the mobile provided by the organizers.  Another feature is the rarity of augmented reality. 

AR experiences are one of the parts of the Pavilion exhibit and with the help of AI, create a real-world experience with computer-generated 3D images.  If we talk about the jungle, the event will bring us closer to the opportunity to get to know the lion and the tiger forest.