‘Business park’ in Space; Jeff Bezos unveils plan for a future commercial space station

Space Tourism Company, Blue Origin which was founded by the American entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos unveiled plans to develop a commercial space station, Orbital Reef as part of Bezos’ next plans for outer space. The company plans to work the new venture along with Sierra Space, the spaceflight wing of defense contractor the Sierra Nevada Corp.  The venture will also be backed by Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions, and Arizona State University.

The Orbital Reef will be a “mixed-use business park” which have multiple ports and berths for visiting spacecraft and modules, along with various utilities and amenities. The station which is called  Orbital Reef will be an ideal location for a “space hotel”. The station could aim to host science experiments, vacation getaways, and potentially even in-space manufacturing.

The architecture of the Orbital Reef has been constructed in a way so as to allow a variety of people and customers to use the facility. Blue Origin revealed that a list of possible users included space agencies, media, and travel companies, entrepreneurs and investors, tech companies, and more. 

Blue Origin also claims that it will provide “end-to-end” services for anyone wishing to use the station, from transportation, leasing space, technological assistance with hardware, and robotic services.

The company will launch the 32,000 sq ft station that features the perfect location for “film-making in microgravity” and “conducting cutting-edge research” and the company also announced that it would a sort of ‘business park’ in the cosmos, in the second half of this decade.

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Blue Origin and Sierra Space said that the space station in the future opens door to provide the infrastructure needed to scale economic activity and open new markets in space. Meanwhile, the project is a bit expensive and risky, likely costing in the tens of billions of dollars, and will be needed multiple safe launches before a human ever even floats aboard.

The station will open the next chapter of human space exploration and development by facilitating the growth of a vibrant ecosystem and business model for the future,” Blue Origin said as it unveiled the plan for Orbital Reef.