Covid-19 surge again in China; Authorities put city of 4 million under lockdown

China reimposed lockdown at Lanzhou, a city of four million people as the country witnessed a surge in Covid-19 cases in the country. The government has asked the residents not to leave home except in emergencies, NDTV reported.

The country’s capital, Beijing first imposed a lockdown strict curbs and lockdown in 2019, after there occurred a coronavirus surge in the country, thus slowing the number of cases to a trickle and allowing the economy to bounce back.

 Mi Feng, a spokesman at the National Health Commission (NHC), said “Since October 17, there have been a number of local outbreaks in China, and they`re expanding rapidly.”

Meanwhile, Beijing has also restricted access to tourist sites and told the residents not to come out of their houses unless it is an emergency.

The other countries are planning to come back to normal life and are ready to live with the virus, taking off the restrictions or easing the curbs imposed due to Covid cases. China at this time has maintained a zero-Covid approach that has seen harsh local lockdowns imposed over handfuls of cases.

China reported 39 new cases on Monday, bringing the tally from the latest Delta variant-linked outbreak to more than 100 cases over the past week. Though the case is lower compared to that of other places, China has pursued a zero-case strategy throughout the pandemic.

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The outbreak was first detected on October 16 among a tour group of fully vaccinated senior citizens from Shanghai who traveled in several northern regions. 

The Entry for people who have been to places with local Covid-19 infections in the last 14 days will be restricted, said Beijing’s vice publicity minister to media.