You can add these countries to your bucket list… Here are some of the countries where the Indian rupee is the King

Most people love to explore the world in different ways. One among them includes traveling to favorite and beautiful locations with groups or even lonely. Whenever travel to foreign countries is considered, the first thing that comes to almost everyone’s mind is about the expenses. It is obvious that financial problems are holding back many travelers from the dream of traveling abroad especially to the US and European countries. Moreover, many think that the value of Indian currency does not contribute to the bucket list they have. But, do not underrate the strength of the Indian rupee!

There are some countries where Indian currency is highly valued. If you go to these foreign countries you can beat it at a low cost. Let’s get acquainted with some such countries:

  1. Indonesia: A country in Southeast Asia consists of over seventeen thousand islands, including Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and parts of Borneo and New Guinea. The main attractions of the place are the small islands, the museums, Lake Toba, the volcanic lake, and the Bromo Mountains. About 180 Indonesian currency is equivalent to one Indian rupee.
  1. Bhutan: Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, is known for its monasteries, fortresses, and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. The National Museum and Library of Bhutan is also a major destination for historians. Indians who wish to explore the country need not have a passport with them during the journey, an Election ID card or ration card is enough. The Bhutanese currency is approximately the same value as the Indian rupee.
  1. Srilanka: Sri Lanka, a land that is kissed by the Indian Ocean, is beautiful and magical! The beaches here are unmatchable and are a paradise for every beach lover. The country offers timeless ruins, welcoming people, and beautiful wildlife. This pearl of the Indian Ocean is one of the most picturesque countries to travel around the world. Tickets to the country are available at a low cost during the months of May and June. The Sri Lankan rupee is equal to 2.68 to the Indian rupee.

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  1. Nepal: The nearest country to India does not need a passport to welcome tourists from India. Travelers, interested in trekking into the jungle head straight to Nepal. Nepal has a lower value than the Indian rupee where 1 Indian rupee is 1.60 Nepali rupees.
  1. Vietnam: Rural adventures, emerald waters, beautiful islands, and old town voyages are the country’s highlights. One of the places of the country is reminiscent of the mountains of the Hollywood science-fiction movie Avatar. The most delicious coffee in the world awaits tourists here in the country which is the largest producer of coffee. The French Architecture and War Museums are top attractions of the country, giving you an opportunity to learn about its history. The exchange rate of one Indian rupee is 303.28 Vietnamese currency.
  1. Island: Nordic island nation, Iceland is a landscape full of natural beauty is where the Northern lights shine. This northern destination is known for attracting nature lovers with its magnificent exterior beauty. As you soak in the beauty of Iceland, you sure won’t feel the pinch in your pocket. One Icelandic Krona is only 0.59 INR.