Japanese startup unveils the world’s first flying bike; Price 5.1 crore

Experiments in the automobile industry have been taking place and the results of many came out to be positive in sectors. In a view to building a much better and strong automobile future, Japan-based automaker ALI Technologies has now revealed the world’s first flying bike or hoverbike, the Xturismo Limited Edition.

The initiative is backed by millionaire soccer player Keisuke Honda. The flying motorcycle is regarded as the future transport by the automaker. They have detailed the specifications of the bike in their announcement. XTurismo Limited Edition is equipped with a conventional engine and four battery-powered motors. Along with that, they promise to fly for 40 minutes at up to 100 kph (62 mph).

The hoverbike is shown during a performance on a racing track in Fuji, in a straight scene from a science fiction film. The upper body of the machine has a motorcycle-like look and 300kg XTurismo rests on the skids just like a jet-ski. Moreover, the bike has a petrol-based internal combustion engine and is operated electrically.

For the time being, the vehicle would be limited to race tracks. It wont be allowed to fly over roads because of Japanese legislation, said ALI CEO Daisuke Katano to Reuters but the bike could be used by rescue teams to reach difficult to access locations.

A.L.I. Technologies Inc plans to produce only 200 hoverbikes of the XTurismo Limited Edition and as per reports, the price for the flying bike is set at $682,000 (Rs 5.1 crore).

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Bookings for the flying bike have already started since October 26 and it was noted that people of all sections cannot own this as it was considered a flying bike with ultra-luxury. However, ALI technologies plan to come out with a fully electric flying bike by 2025.