G20 Summit fruitful says PM Modi; Leaders set for the COP26 Summit

Prime Minister Modi discussed a wide range of issues during his meetings with the world leaders at the G20 summit in Italy.  The leaders adopted the Rome Declaration and emphasized Covid-19 immunization across the globe. 

Modi also attended a crucial meeting on supply chain resilience hosted by US President Joe Biden before leaving for Glasgow for the COP26 Summit.

Modi addressed at the G20 Summit saying, “to combat the global corona epidemic, we presented to the world the vision of ‘One Earth-One Health’. This vision can become a great strength for the world to deal with any such crisis in the future.” Modi also said that India is preparing to produce more than 5 billion vaccine doses for the world next year.

India’s commerce minister Piyush GoyaG20 Piyush Goyal said the summit delivered a strong message of surviving the epidemic through the pillars of health, economy, employment, education, tourism, and climate change. He is also the G20 Sherpa for India. 

Goyal said the World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to recognize the Covid vaccines as safe and effective, subject to national and privacy laws. “India pushed for an explicit recognition that the goal of developed countries making available $100 bn per annum through 2025 has not been achieved, and is expected to be met no later than 2023.”

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Moreover, the G20 leaders during their two-day summit, adopted the ‘Rome Declaration’ and the countries agreed that the Covid-19 immunization is a global public good.  

The next summit COP26 in Glasgow will be joined by world leaders and there the leaders will discuss the climate action plan to be taken in each country.