“One Sun One World One Grid”; India, UK launch global solar grid project at COP26

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled the  “One Sun One World One Grid”, the Green Grids Initiative project at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. The decision came after the meeting held at the COP26, the Times of India reported.

The initiative was backed by Eighty countries at the COP26 summit.

One Sun One World One Grid is aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of interconnected electricity grids across continents, countries, and communities. The initiative will be the first international network of the global interconnected solar power grid. 

Although, the initiative was unveiled by India and UK,  Australia, France, and the United States are also part of the steering committee of the ‘Green Grids Initiative’. The concept of a single global grid for solar was first outlined at the First Assembly of the ISA in late 2018 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Decarbonizing of energy production will also be considered and it is one of the aims of OSOWOG. The grid is expected to be set up over the next few years by the ISA. Speaking after the launch, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ and ‘Green Grids Initiative’ is “an idea whose time has come.” 

Meanwhile, the UK government said, “the project will bring together a global coalition of energy grid stakeholders, including governments and businesses, to build the foundation for global access to sustainable energy. “ The UK government further said that the project would help countries limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius while also providing encouragement to green investment and supporting millions of jobs worldwide.

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However, this initiative represents the strong historic bilateral relationship between the UK and India. The launch of this initiative was first agreed upon as part of the 2030 roadmap for India-UK future relations in May 2021.