Kerala selected as one of the best-governed states in the country: CM Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that Kerala has been selected as one of the best-governed states in the country. A study by the Centre for Public Affairs selected the state, said Pinarayi Vijayan on November 3, NDTV reported.

According to the Public Affairs Index 2021(PAI) released by the CPA, Kerala is one of the best-governed states. The reason for the excellency was considered in a number of key areas such as infrastructure, education, health, employment, eco-friendly and all-around development, Pinarayi said in his Facebook post.

The decision by the Public Affairs Index 2021 by CPA revealed that the index is based on equality, growth, and sustainability. The study also examined the state’s performance in implementing programs. These include programs such as the National Employment Guarantee Scheme and the National Health Mission, and also COVID prevention in Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan said.

Meanwhile, the Kerala government eased guidelines for Cinema halls, social distancing, etc. The government announced that “those who have taken a single dose of Covid-19 vaccine can enter theatres” in the state. 

It was also decided that up to 100 people can attend closed room weddings, funerals, and other social, political, cultural, and community events and in open spaces, up to 200 people will be permitted to gather.

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Moreover, on November 1, the schools across the state have been opened and 80 percent attendance have been recorded. This adds to the matter that the government received a good response from the public on reopening schools amid the Covid situation.