Covid-19 resurges in Europe, WHO raises alarm; Here’s all you need to know

As the winter takes hold in parts of Europe, some of the countries have seen more than 50 percent jump in coronavirus cases or Covid-19 cases in the last month, making it the epicenter of the pandemic despite an ample supply of vaccines. Over rising cases of the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) has sounded an alarm pointing the countries to take necessary steps.

WHO emergencies chief Dr. Michael Ryan  said, “There may be plenty of vaccines available, but uptake of the vaccine has not been equal.” WHO said, a 53-country region in Europe and Central Asia is facing the real threat of a resurgence and the chances of additional 500,000 deaths happening before February 1, 2022, are high.

World health body’s regional director for the continent, Hans Kluge said,” ease in restrictions and low vaccination might be some of the other causes of the resurgence.” 

He earlier had warned the nations to be vigilant as the winter season is on the doorsteps. The virus spreads faster in the winter months when people gather indoors.

Here are the Covid updates in some of the European countries

  • Germany saw a record single-day rise for the second consecutive day after 33,949 people tested positive. The virus is quickly spreading among those yet to be vaccinated and has thus requested people to take both doses, the government said.
  • France has also been facing a surge of Covid cases. The fresh infections in the country have risen to 6200, as against less than 4200 in early October.
  • Italy saw an increase in its new cases from a day ago though the daily toll came down. There were 6764 new patients as against 5905 on Thursday. There were 51 related fatalities, down from 59 on November 4.
  • The country, Greece has reimplemented several restrictions when they saw a Cvoid resurge in the country. Prohibitions for those not fully vaccinated have been announced by the government. People need to get tested for Covid-19 twice a week. Also, a negative test report will be required to avail services from banks, shops, and other establishments.
  • Covid-19 prevalence in England rose to its highest level on record in  October. The country, Slovakia reported 6,713 new cases, also a record, while daily cases in Hungary more than doubled from last week to 6268.

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WHO Europe says, in total, the region tallied nearly 1.8 million new weekly cases, an increase of about 6 percent from the previous week, and 24,000 Covid-19 weekly deaths, a 12 percent gain.

According to a WHO report, while around one billion vaccine doses have been administered in the region, only about 47 percent of people in the region are fully vaccinated. While the Delta variant dominates the region, AY. 4.2 and AY.4.3 have also been detected from several European countries.