Covid-19 surge in Europe; Health experts warn Kerala

Coronavirus infections or Covid-19 cases are hitting high in some countries in Europe where the situation has been considered as a ‘grave concern’ by WHO. The Curbs which were lifted from some of the countries have been reintroduced as a protection against the current situation. “The current pace of transmission across the 53 countries of the European Region is of grave concern,” regional WHO head Hans Kluge said, adding that the spread was exacerbated by the more transmissible Delta variant.

Meanwhile, health experts say that the increase in covid-19 cases in Europe is a warning to Kerala too. In Kerala, the first dose of vaccine has not yet been completed, which has similar waves of covid one and two to European countries, and the slowdown in the second dose vaccine will be a challenge- reported Malayala Manorama.

The European countries including Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands have seen a surge in Covid cases for the past few days. As per the findings by health experts, about 12 lakh people in Kerala are yet to get the first dose of the vaccine. The total number of people who need to be vaccinated is 2.66 crore. As of yesterday, 2.54 crore (96%) had taken the first dose. Although the vaccine is needed, health and religious reasons are said to be the reasons for not getting the vaccine. Only 1.44 crore people (54%) took the second dose.

Chairman of Covid Expert Committee, Dr. B. Iqbal said the disease is getting worse in Europe among those who have not been vaccinated and Kerala is in a better position in this regard. No new variants are reported yet. At the same time, it is a threat to Kerala if it spreads to other states. He added that there is a chance to have an increase in mortality among people who are not taking the vaccine.

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Moreover, Dr. TA S. Aneesh, a member of the Kovid V burn committee, said that although there may be a third wave in Kerala, the number of deaths will decrease.  At the same time, he said, failure to take security precautions, including wearing the mask and social distance, would lead to an acceleration of virus spread.