TCS plans to bring its employees back to office ahead of the 25/25 model

India’s leading IT company, Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) asked its employees to return back to the workplace as the coronavirus cases are declining in the country. India successfully completed 100 crores, the ambitious target of Covid vaccination late in October. The decision to bring the employees back to the office has been thus taken by the authorities and work from home may be taken off depending on the sector’s demand. 

The company has made a clarification that the return to the office will be a phased move that will take into account the health and safety of the employees. The transition will begin from November 15 with employees asked to report to their designated base branches.

The decision was earlier taken by the authorities to bring back the employees to the office and authorities said that the company would plan to take off the work from a home concept by 2021 end. At present, about 5 percent of the IT major’s associates are working from offices. So far, partial employees are working from home and the other part is going office. 

In a statement, TCS said, “Towards the end of CY’21, we will encourage our associates to return to offices, at least initially, before we switch to the ’25/25′ model. This will be done in a phased and flexible manner and will depend on respective team leaders and the requirements of each team or project. We are committed to the 25/25 model but before transitioning to the model, we need to start by getting people back to the office and gradually evolve to 25/25.”

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TCS has a strong workforce of 5,28,748 in India and worldwide. The company aims to implement the model in all its verticals. Under the 25/25 model, the company believes that by 2025, only 25 percent of its associates will need to work out of facilities at any point in time. Also, the employees will not need to spend more than 25 percent of their time at work.

The company also believes that if the model is implemented, then it would definitely be an important design that might be adopted by many other sectors in the future.