Labour Shortage: US companies hire robots to fill jobs

The economy is bouncing back from the Covid-19 crash in North America where companies are hit worse in some of the regions. An inflation transition has occurred in North America which creates the situation for employees to jump from companies. In North America, a record number of robots have been added in the first nine months of this year as they rushed to speed up assembly lines and struggled to add human workers.

Due to labor shortages in manufacturing, logistics, and virtually all industries, companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to robotics and automation to maintain productivity and competitiveness. Last month itself, there was a surge in the number of robots sold for the countries and due to the labor shortage, companies are forced to buy robots for the smooth sail of their duties because they can’t find humans for their works.

According to data compiled by the industry group, the Association for Advancing Automation, factories and other industrial users ordered 29,000 robots, 37% more than during the same period last year, valued at $1.48 billion. This has occurred as an impact of the global pandemic, Covid-19.

In America, it is the season of holidays, and many companies are scrambling to deliver orders, but the lack of finding humans for the work in each sector, they are ordering robots, thus but robots are replacing humans slowly.

For the biggest year, the ordering for robots is on the track in North America and it is a boom for the robotic sectors. Till September 2021, robotic sales were worth 1.48 billion dollars. To stay productive, the companies are turning for robots this year and the count is comparatively more than previous years.

It is not the case with a particular sector, but with many others. Many firms have struggled to lure back workers displaced by the pandemic and view robots as an alternative to adding human muscle to their assembly lines.

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Robots also continue to push into more corners of the economy. In the first nine months of the year, auto-related orders for robots grew 20% to 12,544 units, according to A3, while orders by non-automotive companies expanded 53% to 16,355. 

The current scenario in the country put a question, whether robots would take the world or not!!