NASA’s Artemis I Moon Mission; ‘Astronaut Snoopy’ all set to fly to Moon aboard the mission

The popular character, Snoopy from creator Charles M Schulz’s comic strip ‘Peanuts’, will be going to Moon as part of Artemis I moon mission. The mission named Artemis I moon is an uncrewed mission to test NASA’s deep space exploration systems where it is expected to commence next year. Meanwhile, Zero gravity indicators are small objects carried on a spacecraft that indicate when a spacecraft has reached the weight of microgravity.

It is also the first aircraft of the agency’s heavy-lift launch vehicle space launch system and the first aircraft of the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle. Without astronauts aboard Orion, Snoopy will travel to the moon and will be dressed up in NASA’s Orion Crew Survival System suit.

“AstronautSnoopy is no stranger to space. The Peanuts character skimmed the lunar surface as the name of the Apollo 10 lunar module & even caught a ride on the space shuttle. Now Snoopy is going to the Moon as a zero-gravity indicator aboard,” NASA tweeted after sharing an image of the dressed Snoopy on Twitter.

Snoopy is an anthropomorphic beagle in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. He can also be found in all of the Peanuts films and television specials. Snoopy, in plush form, will serve as the “zero-gravity indicator in the mission. 

Along with Snoopy,  there will be a manikin and two “phantom” human torsos who will collect data for the flight to the moon. Snoopy has been a symbol of security in space travel since the Apollo era. It has a 50-year association with NASA. During the Apollo era, the name Snoopy was given which means it “snoop around” the Moon’s surface to find a landing site for the Apollo 11 mission. The time in 1969,  the creators also made comic strips depicting Snoopy on the Moon. They helped keep the public excited about space missions.

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NASA’s history office also tweeted,” In May 1969, Apollo 10 astronauts traveled all the way to the Moon to “snoop around” the Apollo 11 landing site. For this reason, the crew named the lunar module “Snoopy.” Soon #AstronautSnoopy will visit the Moon once again as the zero-gravity indicator aboard @NASAArtemis I.