Saudi Arabia prepares to become world’s first non-profit city, says crown prince

The city will be an incubator for youth and volunteer groups, along with local and international non-profit institutions. Adopting the concept of the digital twin, the city will host a number of academies, colleges, and MiSK schools. 

“This will be the first non-profit city of its kind, which will contribute to achieving the goals of Misk Foundation in supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, and qualifying future leaders by defining non-profit work in its internal operational concept and in terms of opportunities and youth training programs it will provide,” said the crown prince Salman.

In the city’s master plan, the human-centered and innovative digital metropolis is designed to be sustainable and pedestrian-friendly. To promote sustainable development, more than 44% of the total area will be set aside for green open spaces.

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Though Saudi Arabia is known as a fuel-dependent economy, the sharp fall in fuel prices over the past decade hit the Saudi economy hard. In the wake of these shocks, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced an ambitious plan called ‘Vision 2030’. Accordingly, efforts are being made to change the image of Saudi Arabia as a fuel-dependent economy and to promote technology, tourism, and other industries. As a part of this, a city based on advanced technology, ‘Neom,’ was announced in 2017.