Switzerland to approve same-sex weddings from July 2022


The country Switzerland allows couples of same-sex to get married from July 1 next year, the government said. The decision was taken after implementing the explosive referendum, Reuters reported.

According to results provided by the Swiss federal chancellery in September, 64.1 percent of voters voted in favor of same-sex marriage in a nationwide referendum. 

A two-third of majority voters backed the decision and “marriage for all” was sanctioned making Swiss one of the last countries in Western Europe to do so.

In a two-stage process, same-sex couples who have married abroad will have their status recognized from the start of January. Earlier, the couple was seen as a registered partnership in Switzerland. From July 1, 2022, couples will be allowed to marry or convert their registered partners.

While Switzerland falls under the category of countries that get the last same-sex marriage approval, the Netherlands was the first in 2001.

While same-sex couples can register a civil partnership, with about 700 established each year, the arrangement does not provide the same rights as to marriage, including for obtaining citizenship and the joint adoption of children.

The amended law will make it possible for same-sex couples to get married in civil ceremonies, and adopt children. Married lesbian couples will also have access to sperm donation, in what was one of the more controversial aspects of the referendum campaign.

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Maria von Kaenel, co-president of the Marriage for All campaign, said “We are really happy with the outcome of the vote, and that it is now being put into law.” “We have been fighting for marriage equality for 30 years and the referendum result was a historic moment,” she added.