Elon Musk’s email to Tesla employees about listening to music during work goes viral

The billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for his stern decisions and spontaneous talks. His talk about anything under the sun has created a buzz on social media and much has been spoken about it. A recent email of him is now in the news and discussed by many.  Musk in an email to all employees said what he thinks about listening to music at the workplace.

According to a report by CNBC, Musk said: “cares very much about employees and sought feedback on what else could be done to improve things.”  He drafted 2 emails in which one pointed to the importance of listening to music. The other email reminded employees there are only three options when Musk sends directions: explain why he’s wrong, request further clarification, or execute.

Here’s what Musk told employees via email:

The first email read:

Subj. Music in the Factory

Just wanted to say that I very much support music in the factory, as well as any little touches that make work more enjoyable.

An associate just sent me a note asking if we could have one ear bud for music so the other ear can listen for safety-related issues. That sounds fine to me.

Also, ambient music from speakers is also totally cool so long as there is reasonable agreement among your colleagues as to the music choices.

If there are other things that you think would improve your day, please let me know. I care very much that you look forward to coming to work every day!

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The second email read:

Subj. Please Note

If an email is sent from me with explicit directions, there are only three actions allowed by managers.

1. Email me back to explain why what I said was incorrect. Sometimes, I’m just plain wrong!

2. Request further clarification if what I said was ambiguous.

3. Execute the directions.

If none of the above are done, that manager will be asked to resign immediately.

Thank you,