Millennials would change jobs or reduce working hours to spend more time with their pet: Study

New research which surveyed over half of the Millenials found that there are chances for most of the adults to switch jobs to take care of their pets. The millennials said they would change their job or they would reduce the working hours to spend more time with their pets. 

Most of the millennials wanted their work and personal life to be balanced and they have put forward a suggestion to get more time to look after their pets, as most of them are pet lovers.

Researchers looked into the changes in pet care since 2020 in a new report, looking into how the pandemic has changed the way owners feel towards their furry friends. As the pandemic has made the pet owners get more attached to their pets, it is now mandatory for them to have more time in their daily lives.

Looking after the pets have not only been considered as a love for them but also considered as a way to reduce mental stress and boost energy for people. More and more people have started cutting their other daily works duration or traveling duration to take care of their pets. The pandemic definitely contributed to the pet lovers’ decision. In fact, Millennials in particular aren’t interested in working for employers who don’t value a solid work-life balance.

The research found that over 23 million households added a pet to their home during the pandemic, while around 80 percent of pet owners were able to spend more time with their pets—and it had lasting impacts.

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Moreover, four out of ten owners are concerned about the cost of their pet last year, “especially those who added new pets during an outbreak.” Also, the same research found that nearly a third of pet owners have thought about rehabilitating their pets by 2021. Here, some shelters report seeing people returning to their offices and those who were adopted during the epidemic but unwilling to take responsibility were noted.

If the full come back to office occurs, then the dog owners would definitely face challenges, noted the study. Some of the owners have already asked about taking pets to the office and 41% of those asked were allowed to bring their pets to work but 69 percent said they would like to. 

The majority of Gen Z (64 percent) and millennials (56 percent) even said they’d switch jobs or reduce work schedules to spend more time with their pets following the pandemic. Moreover, some have also said that they would stop taking vaccinations citing that vaccines are not pet-friendly while some people said they would take their pets wherever they go.