44% Americans aged 18-49 don’t want to have children: Study

A new study reveals that 44% of Americans do not want children as they feel the upcoming days to be so dismal. Almost half of the Americans under the age of 50 opt not to have children because the future appears bleak. The revelation was done in  Pew Research Center’s survey, there almost 4,000 adults, 44 percent of non-parents between 18 and 49 have been studied. The survey said, they simply do not want children, and the count of which has increased from previous years. The increase of seven percent over 2018 has been noted by the survey in its latest study.

Due to a number of reasons, the concept of having children for the couple has been vanishing and the mindsets of many have been changed now, as per Daily Mail. According to the survey, the birth rate in America is declining since 1973, and this raises questions among the society that whether there would be enough workers in the next generation to develop the nation.

In the survey which was conducted from October 18 to October 24 with 3,866 US adults as sample size, more than half of the non-parent group said they simply don’t want to have children, while 43% listed other reasons. The Daily Mail also reports that the number has increased mainly because of the concerns over medical and financial matters. Around 9% claimed that the state of the world made them unwilling to have children, while 2% said that their partners didn’t want children.

Apart from the reason, the medical condition, some group also has cited silly reasons. 11 percent said they already had a child, and four percent believed the world was too bleak.  There are misconceptions about having a family and planning for a family in this era. Despite the preconception that every woman desires a family, the study found that men and women were equally likely to indicate they would not likely have children, Daily mail noted.

Moreover, household income in the United States has declined dramatically since the outbreak and it is according to the report by Wall Street Journal. Also, it was found that amidst the global pandemic, many families lost access to daily jobs and some have become poor.

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The survey also found that the global pandemic caused a decline in fertility rates in the US due to public health and economic troubles. The US birthrate dropped by eight percent in the nine months after COVID-19 was declared a national emergency. According to the CDC, around 3.6 million babies were born in 2020, a four percent decline – the largest in over 40 years. Twenty-five states also recorded more deaths than births in 2020.