US man breaks Guinness World Record by making Biggest Nerf Gun Weighing 90 kg

US man, Michael Pick, receives Guinness record for constructing the world’s largest Nerf gun, which is reportedly 300 percent bigger than a regular one. Michael set out to make a larger-than-life version of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6. 

The Nerf gun that has been made by Michael is 300 percent bigger than a regular one. These guns became popular in the late 1980s and since then these guns have been manufactured in a variety of ways. A normal Nerf gun is easily accessible.  Michael said the most challenging part of the construction was to make the air system for the shell of the gun

The toy gun which has a jumbo size weighs 90 kilograms and stands 12 feet 6 inches high. The previous record of the biggest creation was in the name of an engineer, Mark Rober where he had a creation with a record of 1.82m (6 ft). 

Michael told Guinness, “Since my supersized build had to be accurately scaled to the standard nerf gun, the space I had to work was very limited.” With his completed design ready to go, he cut and created a giant plywood structure. 

After setting up the Wood Foundation, he built more complex parts, including 3D printed scopes and internal mechanisms. His final step included a paint job to make it look exactly like the standard size Nerf gun it was modeled after.

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Michael, in a video uploaded on youtube, demonstrated the working of his newly built Nerf gun. He said that he used all his knowledge to develop the model of the gun using computer-aided design. Although this mission may seem quite challenging to the average person, Michael had the experience needed to become a space software engineer.