It’s an optical illusion…Video of color-changing hat mesmerizes viewers

A color-changing hat is now going viral over the internet and netizens say it is a bizarre thing to view. A video posted by environment designer and Tiktok user Otelia Carmen has gone viral with millions of views online. In the video, it can be seen that the hat that the user kept in her hand changes its color from maroon to brown to green.

Internet is asking whether it is an optical illusion or not. The optical illusion has left the internet wondering where the truth lies. In fact, the user who posted the video also was confused and she said that she thought she had bought a green hat, only to discover that it look reddish-brown when she reached home. She also says that it is the lighting inside the building which makes the hat look different from a different angle.

In the video, Carmen shows the difference between the color of her beanie from when she purchased it and when she brought it home. She also moves the hat around and surprisingly, the hat changes its color.

TikTok user Otelia Carmen said this phenomenon is called metamerism. It is the phenomenon that occurs when two colors seemingly match under one lighting condition, but not when the light changes. Some users said Carmen edited the video, while another user wrote that it was difficult for their brains to understand what was happening.

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However, the video showing off her magical hat has garnered millions of views in the span of a single day. “I’m confused and entertained at the same time, “ one user commented. “Does it change color in real life too or just in camera,” another user asked under the post.