Priority is for the exam…Gujarat bride goes viral for giving exam on the wedding day

When a girl or a boy thinks about their special day, one of the days that comes to their minds is the wedding day. It is as much as special as any other event where people do not want to replace the day at any cost. However, for some people, the situation is important and they would definitely act accordingly. 

Giving the priority to exams, a girl from Gujarat took her exam on her wedding day. The bride named Shivangi Bagthariya from Rajkot turned up at the examination center to give her 5th-semester exam and her dedication to her studies has won hearts online. The video of the bride writing exam has gone viral over the internet and inspired many others.

In the video, the bride has been seen wearing a red lehenga and heavy jewelry, calmly sitting at a desk busy writing answers. She can be seen writing the paper with full concentration along with other students present in the examination hall. 

The bride appeared for her university examinations in Saurashtra along with her future husband and family. The groom also appeared in wedding attire. It was not a tough decision for this bride as she gave priority to her exams. She had to do this exam as her wedding date was fixed before her exam dates came and she was not ready to compromise.

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Soon after posting the video, it has garnered over 487k views and several comments. “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet,” one user commented. “Good to see people, Husband, and In-Laws encouraging their daughter-in-law for studies,” another wrote.