Amazing video of ‘Popcorn’ clouds in Argentina grabs going viral on social media; Netizens comment on beautiful Mammatus formation

Interesting sights around the world amaze us and we often love to take a look when we notice them. A similar mesmerizing vision has now appeared over the sky of Argentina that stunts the residents with its rare formation. The sky in Argentina covered with clouds that look like “cotton wool” and “marshmallows” has gone insanely viral on social media.

The video of pop-corn clouds has made residents think about the crazy mischievousness done by nature and it has garnered attention on social media. The unusual phenomenon was spotted at Casa Grande, Córdoba in Argentina which is termed as Mammatus clouds by experts. 

Mammatus clouds are some of the most unusual and distinctive clouds formations with a series of bulges or pouches emerging from the base of another cloud. These clouds are usually associated with thunderstorms. They indicate the arrival of heavy rain, lightning, and even hailstorms.

A Twitter user IntotheMystic, posted a youtube video of the vision. “Sky full of cotton wool ball clouds that look like they’re ‘from another planet’ stun residents in Argentina as beautiful Mammatus formation appears on an overcast day,” the tweet read.

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So far, the video has garnered 38,000 views and the numbers are steadily increasing. Netizens commented on the video in which few said that the Unusual resemblance to cotton balls for cloud formation, others said that it looked like a scene from another planet. Last year, a giant mushroom-shaped cloud filled the sky in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. The cloud sparked panic of a nuclear blast after frightened locals posted pictures of the cloud on social media.