Cartoon of two passengers sitting on a bus goes viral, triggers meme fest online

There are photos, videos, and memes that go viral over social media and grab the attention of viewers. Soon after posting a meme on the internet, some people take it from a positive perspective and some others approach it with a negative attitude. A template is now rolling out on social media which holds people to think about it at least for a minute.

The cartoon which shows 2 men on a bus, has gone viral with its triggering meme online. The two men can be seen sitting on the bus. While one man is happy and looking out the window at the sun and the mountains, the other man is sad over his view of a rocky grey wall. Brazilian artist Jenildo Ronchi created the cartoon in 2013 and uploaded it to his website. The cartoon has a fair amount of depth, which means it is connected to it.

Artist Jenildo Ronchi captioned it “As vezes só depende de nós,” which translates to “Sometimes it just depends on us.” Although Cartoon was transformed into a meme template in 2019, the memes started to go faster earlier this month after uploading it using a Redditter template with the username Elk_Strict. The user captioned it: “Didn’t take a sh*t before leaving the house”/Took a shit before leaving the house.” Soon after posting it on Twitter, it had received 10,000 upvotes in a span of seven days.

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Thoughtful and hilarious versions of the templates have been also posted by many users on Twitter. “Sad life of Indians”, one user posted with a meme on the template. Another quoted, “same song two moods”, etc.