UK bans cosmetic surgery ads targeting teenagers

In the latest step to bring awareness among young people, the UK has banned cosmetic surgery ads that target teens. Advertisements for cosmetic surgeries designed to change a person’s body shape will be prohibited, said the government. The ads mainly targeted young people especially under the age of 18. They have been falling prey to some of the ads, found the UK government.

The advertising Watchdog says the ban will include social media ads and anything that could be particularly appealing to young people. Social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram to billboards and posters, newspapers, magazines, and radio as well as social influencer marketing have been given strict order not to publish the ads anymore. Under the rule, companies will no longer be able to advertise products and procedures designed to change someone’s appearance.

The change follows public opinion after concerns about the impact of public cosmetic interventions on the mental health and physical safety of young people. 

To look more beautiful, people often prefer to take filters on their phones and social media tends to have an influence on us that it transports us to a fantasy world and makes us believe that we get flawless skin through it. Taking it as the base, people often prefer to go for surgeries to get a permanent solution to their looks. As cosmetic surgeries fix the appearance issue, many have been forced to go for plastic surgeries to look like a model all their way especially teenagers under the age of 18.

Study shows that in 2018, more than 220000 teens in America opted for cosmetic surgery, in which more than 16200 opted for minimally invasive procedures and also nearly 65000 went for surgical procedures. Meanwhile, Indian has also reported a 30% increase in cosmetic surgery for children under 18.  It was also reported that the most popular surgeries among teenagers are breast augmentations and Rhinoplasties. 

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Although it is illegal to perform cosmetic procedures on under-18s, there have previously been no restrictions on advertising to them. The ban also covers dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation treatments such as injectable treatments, chemical peels and laser or light treatments, and teeth whitening products.