UAE marks 50 years; All you need to know about UAE National day

December 2 is the day for one of the richest countries in the world- the UAE. It is on this day, the country celebrates its national day with all joy and happiness. This year, UAE marks its 50 years since the founding of the Emirates and the joining of seven emirates. UAE National Day is a time when locals and expatriates gather together to celebrate. 

As part of the celebrations, live shows and celebrations have been planned and being organized in and around the country.  After the join of six emirates, the seventh emirate Ras al Khaimah was added to the federation on 10 February 1972 making it the last emirate(state) to join.


It was on 2 December 1971 that the rulers of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Al-Ain, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain agreed to unite as one country. The United Arab Emirates was later formed by the guidance of the first president late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The day falls on the anniversary of the federal unification of the six emirates (seven in 1972 after Ras Al Khaimah joined) in 1971 which combined to form the modern-day country. The UAE National Day has been combined with the Emirati Martyr’s day that is on November 30th.

As it is a public holiday, the UAE National Day brings families and friends together on a day of celebration and meditation. Usually there takes place fireworks, car rallies, and dance shows as the most common activities. Over 57% of UAE residents anticipate seeing fireworks during the UAE National Day weekend. This year it has been reduced due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

People will usually dress up in UAE national flag colors and decorate their homes, workplaces, cars, and streets to celebrate the day with joy and happiness. Palm trees are decorated with lights from the colors of the flag. Hotels and other public sites are decorated with flags and lights. Some UAE residents also organize some sports challenges to celebrate it 

Moreover, the country has been conducting the Expo 2020 which started in October this year with all warmth and joy. This also adds to the beauty of the 50-year celebration in the country. 

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As per reports, this year residents get to witness a spectacular show staged in Hatta Dam, surrounded by the Hajar mountains, lakes, and valleys. Shaikha Al Ketbi, the Emirati artistic director, said the show will highlight the deep connections and harmony between humans, nature, and technology. Quotes and comments have been showered by many including the expo 2020 pavilions for the country’s national day. 

For the ultimate spectacle, the Burj Khalifa usually has an impressive LED show inspired by the UAE flag, while the Dubai Fountains have a show choreographed to the national anthem.