27-year-old girl earns Rs.1 Crore per month by teaching Excel tips on Instagram and Tiktok

Many people will have a life-changing moment at a point of time in their life. When a girl decided to shift her perspective to some other, by choosing the social media platform to teach excel, it has become the platform for her to shine. A girl named Kat Norton used social media platform to teach excel tips now earns ₹1 Crore Per Month. As Microsoft excel is a difficult app to master, Kat Norton found a better and much easier way to learn the app and she has been pouring the tips to others too.

So far she has created a huge fan base and followers on her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. Kat, the influencer has amassed over 1 million followers, within a short span of time itself. Kat was previously an employee and had been working for a corporate job. she resigned from the job a year ago and started uploading videos on YouTube.

So many people have started doing youtube channels, blogs, vlogs, etc to create their own platform and to earn through the medium. As expected, like everyone else, Kat Norton also wished to live independently without being dependent on anyone. Her account on Instagram is designated as @miss.excel and launched her online teaching business in November 2020. 

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Kat Norton used to do fun and interesting videos on various Microsoft Excel programs ’ hidden tricks and functions. With more time, she also started making Instagram and TikTok videos on Google Sheets tips and tricks. 

It was in April 2020, she achieved her first six-digit earnings, six months after she started her business, which was then promoted prominently on her Instagram and TikTok handles through viral video content. Kat was also backed by her boyfriend who also quit his job to devote time and effort towards her business. Many have applauded the 27-year-old girl for her effort to bring interesting ideas on a social media platform.