British Company makes 44-foot Washing Machine Pyramid, breaks Guinness World Record

A British company broke Guinness World Records by constructing a 44 feet 7 inches tall pyramid of washing machines. The British electronic retail company Currys with the aim of raising awareness about electronic recycling made the pyramid with a total of 1496 recycled washing machines. 

The company recently conducted a survey which revealed that around 68% of British people are confused about the disposal of electronic appliances. Despite local councils, services, and retailers offering free collection and drop-off services, people doubt where and how to dispose of their electronic waste.

According to the United Nations, by 2021, 57.4 million tons of e-waste will be generated worldwide. To combat the issue, the company aims to recycle, repair, or rehome electronic items and curb the accumulation of e-waste. The pyramid had a square base, with sides measuring 31 feet 7.5 inches. It consisted of 256 washing machines. The pyramid had no supporting structures to keep it in place.

The structure of the pyramid is situated at a parking lot in Bury, Lancashire. To build a pyramid with the used washing machine is the idea presented by  Currys Preston store manager Darren Kenworthy, who convinced his employers to create the installation.

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I am so glad there has been so much positivity and support surrounding the build from right across the business. It looks super impressive. Given that e-waste is a contributor to UK landfills, I thought a world record installation would shine a light on just how easy it is to recycle,” Darren said. All the washing machines used to make the pyramid will be recycled.