TwentyFour celebrates its 3rd anniversary….The Chanel that brought a different visual treat to viewers

India’s fastest-growing news channel, TwentyFour is celebrating its 3rd anniversary with all its freshness. It was December 8, 2018, the young Channel which always tries to innovate for the audiences started its journey in a unique way. TwentyFour was a guide among Indian visual media in the endless possibilities of new technological facilities. The channel which opened its door to bring the latest news updates in TwentyFour hours now celebrates the 3rd anniversary in full swing.

The growth of the channel was in a short span of time more than expected earlier and the growth marked right from the first few months after the launch. Despite the concerns and questions raised by many regarding the launch of another news channel in Kerala, TwentyFour stood straight and replied with its dynamic and comprehensive news delivery to the audience. Twentyfour thus was able to get the Malayalees to say ‘this is the real news channel’.

The way of presentation, which makes viewers feel like one of the members of their family is the unique feature that erased all the old cliche news presentation. Presenters and reporters perfectly blended with the taste of the Malayalee audience like guests arriving in the living room. The idea of ​​a local news desk was succeeded when every popular problem has been taken care of and solved as a household matter. 

The unbiased approach while dealing with each and every news whether it is local, political, social, international, etc was one of the major stands of the young news channel. Twentyfour brought the news to the audience under the label of facts and not under the label of the party and the strong editorial policy always paid attention to bringing each piece of news to the audience unbiased.

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Although augmented reality, virtual reality, etc were a new experience to the Malayalee viewers, Kerala welcomed the dynamic change in a positive way.  Twentyfour introduced the possibilities of these latest technologies(augmented reality packages) to the audience. These include Thrissur Pooram, Kalothsavam, and teletransport from various places.

With charm and vibrance, Twenty-four is entering its fourth year with a mark on it of being able to make a positive difference in many lives in three years. However, the stronger part of the vivacious channel is yet to come.