Log4j vulnerability; Here is an explanation of the damage caused by the open-source software bug

Technical terms and medical terms are not so known or familiar for common people but when it is related to vulnerabilities we may often take a look to know the facts. The open-source software Log4j vulnerability is now in the news and the details about what it is now being searched by many.

A flaw in Log4j, a Java library for logging error messages in applications, has prompted governments to issue urgent warnings and forced companies to rush in to fix one of the most serious software flaws. The most affected vulnerabilities in recent years are caused by the Log4j vulnerability.

Log4j Vulnerability

Log4j is a piece of free, open-source software used by thousands of websites and business applications around the globe. It is a key Java-logging framework. Applications like Apple iCloud, Microsoft Minecraft, IBM, Oracle, and many others have been affected by Log4j. The Log4j vulnerability is triggered by attackers inserting a JNDI lookup in a header field (likely to be logged) linking to a malicious server. After Log4j logs this string, the server is queried and gives directory information leading to the download and execution of a malicious java data class. 

Log4j exploits started on December 1 and since then, warnings have been issued by several national cybersecurity agencies. Major global companies, including Microsoft Corp and Cisco Inc, are facing pressure to fix what experts are calling one of the most serious software flaws in recent memory. Microsoft and Cisco have published advisories about the flaw, and software developers released a fix late last week. VM ware has also released patches for its affected products respectively. 

Experts believe that the vulnerability caused by Log4j will be bigger and could impact the entire internet space. Experts also believe that the cause is because 95% of Java programs use log4j directly or indirectly as Java is a popular and most commonly used programming language today. Websphere 8.5 and 9.0 are vulnerability has been confirmed by the tech company, IBM and said it is “actively responding” to the Log4j vulnerability across its infrastructure and its products. 

The log4j security vulnerability allows attackers to execute malicious code remotely on a target computer. Meaning, bad actors (hackers) can easily steal data, install malware, or simply take control of a system via the internet.

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However, causal computers are not directly get affected by the vulnerability. Special work is done to make data secured by the software vendors. Making applications and software up-to-date will also contribute to the decline of vulnerability to an extent.