Maharashtra blacksmith builds new car using abandoned vehicle parts; Anand Mahindra offers Bolero as a token of appreciation

There is no limit to creativity. Even if it is an artwork or work in business, talent and aim to do something would definitely contribute to achieving something we wish to. A blacksmith, Dattatraya Lohar from Maharashtra impressed the Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra by building up a car using the abandoned parts.

Dattatraya Lohar built the car using metal scraps to fulfill the wish of his son. The video of the four-wheeled vehicle designed by the blacksmith is now grabbing attention and is running over the internet. Dattatraya Lohar from Devarashtra village shows how the built vehicle works and it was recorded in a video published later on the internet. 

The video was featured on a Youtube channel Historicano. After the video was released, it soon received appreciation across the country and the video was also shared by industrialist Anand Mahindra. The innovative work was built at a cost of just Rs 60,000 and the video of the working procedure of the vehicle on youtube already received  4.8 lakh views to date.

Anand Mahindra after watching the video mentioned on Twitter, “This clearly doesn’t meet with any of the regulations but I will never cease to admire the ingenuity and ‘more with less’ capabilities of our people. And their passion for mobility—not to mention the familiar front grille.” Anand Mahindra has offered Dattatarya Lohar a Bolero as an appreciation for his efforts.

The vehicle also incorporates a kick-start mechanism commonly found on two-wheelers. The vehicle made by the blacksmith is made using old and abandoned car parts. Although there are some technical issues to giving the permit to drive the vehicle and making it a common conveyance, the vehicle’s total look and production has been well commendable, said Anand.

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“His creation can be displayed at MahindraResearchValley to inspire us since ‘resourcefulness’ means doing more with fewer resources,” Mahindra wrote on Twitter. According to the industrialist, the four-wheeler can be displayed at the Mahindra Research Valley where it could keep inspiring the people of the company.

Comments are still flowing under the Twitter post by Anand Mahindra. One user wrote, “Salute to the talent,” other one wrote,” A skillful mechanical engineer without any degree.” A third person wrote,” There is no doubt that there are human beings in our country with every ability.”