It’s almost 17 feet…California’s Sierra Nevada witnesses record snowfall this year

The weather in Northside of countries like America and Canada including European countries have been in talks for few days as there occurred intense fall of snow and frozen atmosphere making a record high snow and cold of all time. The month of December is the snowy month witnessing in a year and this time in California’s Sierra Nevada, it is nearly 17 feet of snow and the snowfall is its all-time record high, CNN reported.

California’s Sierra Nevada has been witnessing droughts, water shortages for few months but now the region is witnessing tough and strong snowfall. As per reports, the heavy snowfall onto the land is enough to break decades-old records.

As of Tuesday, more than 202 inches of snow, almost 17 feet had fallen so far this month at the University of California, Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Laboratory, at Donner Pass east of Sacramento. 

As per the scientists, the top month that recorded the snow was in January 2017 when 238 inches fell, and it’s not likely enough snow will fall in the next three days to challenge that record. Records here go back to 1970. One of the scientists also says that the snow recorded to date is not enough, there are chances of the fall more in the coming days.

 Andrew Schwartz, the lead scientist, and station manager of the Sierra snow laboratory said, “While this event has been amazing so far, we are really concerned about the upcoming months not having as many storms,” Schwartz told CNN. “If we don’t get another inch, we’re still below what we would expect for the entire winter, which means that we can contribute to the drought rather than resolving it.”

The snowfall is not so harmful to the region as the place is in need of a snow-pack where it serves as a natural reservoir that eases drought, storing water through the winter months and slowly releasing it through the spring melting season. 

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Meanwhile, last year witnessed a decrease in the snowfall where there occurred low levels in their reservoirs and other utilizers. This summer’s drought was the most extreme in California’s 126-year record, and July 2021 was the driest month since data gathering began in 1895. Across the region, the magnitude of the drought hovered at or above 90% since June, with several states entirely in drought.

Similarly, during the previous two winters, only one such storm brought meaningful rain precipitation in parts of California in October. The reasons for the sudden change in climate have been discussed widely and experts are examining the same with their experiments.