Covid-19: These companies announce permanent work from home for the employees

Not everyone likes to wake up early in the morning and do their routines to head to their respective works. When the work from home model was introduced at the beginning of the global pandemic, Covid-19, it has become an advantage to many people as they thought to enjoy their time with family instead of rushing to the office.

In the beginning, it was difficult for many to follow the work from the home policy as they were used to being there in their respective workplaces. Later on, the change was visible. Everyone soon started enjoying the process and followed the work-from-home policy. Some companies have marked their work productivity to a great extent after implementing the policy. 

In most cases, the benefits of WFH are debatable and subjective to each profession, many companies have recognized some of its benefits and advantages over the past two years. Thus many have the wish for having permanent work from home and here are some companies that switched to permanent work from home policy:

  1. Slack: Slack is a software platform. During the Corona, epidemic employees decided to work from home without difficulty. California-based Enterprise agreed to allow its employees work from home permanently during the outbreak.
  1. Twitter: Twitter also took the decision to jump to the permanent work from a home policy like that of company Slack. In May 2020, co-founder Jack Dorsey told employees that they can continue to the work even after the situation improves. Those who need to attend office in person due to the nature of their job are free to do so.
  1. Tata Steel: The steelmaker in India has also decided to go to permanent work from home. The company adopted a policy for that and it is said to be the ‘Agile Working Model’. The model allows employees to opt for WFH for up to 365 days a year.
  1. Spotify: Sweden’s music streaming platform Spotify gave its employees the opportunity to work from anywhere in February. However, the employees confirmed to do the job from home or office after the corona completely subsided.

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  1. Meta: Meta, which was formerly known as Facebook rolled out its office deferral program that ensures the employees of Facebook would have flexibility and choice in returning back to the office.  
  1. Microsoft: The software giant will allow its employees in the US to continue working from home until further notice. Staff will be able to keep working from home for less than 50% of their working week, and managers will be empowered to approve permanent remote work. Flexible working hours will be available without manager approval as well.